Your Garden Log Cabin's Kitchen Area Needs a Makeover

It is fun to stay in your kitchen area for long hours whipping up some instagrammable meals especially if the place is better-looking than a cheap set of a table and 2 wobbly chairs situated near a medium-sized countertop. You’re lucky if the latter’s built with drawers where you store away your centuries-old cutlery you rarely use, if not never.

And if you have a premium garden log cabin built with a kitchen area, and you use it more than you use your main kitchen, you might want to give it a new look. Log homes normally have a traditional rustic look and if you’d like to go for that style, it only takes a dash of creativity to put together an appealing look. Most log home holidays where different weekend break recreational activities are offered have this design style as it is cosy and gives you that sweet walk down memory lane. This style is widely popular in the UK as well as in Ireland and other European countries. And nowadays, people are starting to switch from traditional homes to log or timber homes as the former prove to be much cheaper and easier to maintain.

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Since you have a limited space compared to when you do it on your actual dwelling place, changing the look of your garden log cabin kitchen area might be a little easier, but it still depends on the style you want to plaster it with.

Floors and Structure

You might want to start on the floors by adding in wood planks if your log cabin didn’t already have them. These will not only add to the rustic appeal of the building but will also add protection.

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Wood beams or suspended logs are also a great accent whilst adding an interesting layer. In a practical sense, wood beams also provide additional storage space for bigger items that you would opt to hang instead of laying on the floor. Saves you a lot of space for your bulkier kitchen tools!


The additional woodcraft you would plan to put into your log home highly depends on its size. For a medium-sized building, you may add small cabinets for additional space if your island or countertop are already filled with your kitchen essentials and equipment. For larger log homes, you can opt to have bigger pieces such as a 2-4 seater dining set or have stools around for extra seating.

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A coffee table is to a living room just as a countertop is to a kitchen. Both serve as the focal point of the two areas. With this in mind, you might want to have your countertop constructed using natural wood for an extra rustic appeal. Wood goes well with stone top tables so you might want to give that a try. But if wood isn’t your cup of tea, marble and granite will do just fine.

If you intend to use your log building as a primary dwelling place—and you have to take note that a planning permission is needed for this—you have to prioritise which furniture sets and other equipment you think will be of great help for you to carry out your day-to-day activities.

If the building is just an extension to your actual home, then you might consider having the things you need for the activities you normally do in our log cabin kitchen. This is an important consideration especially if you have a small building.

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The design of your kitchen area can look even better if you have good lighting. This will not only set the mood of your kitchen but it will also highlight the beauty of each piece. Even with a minimal arrangement or simple design concepts, the overall look of your cooking area will be greatly amplified if you pair it with good lighting.

You may begin with having copper pendant lighting that goes well with the natural wood build of your area—giving you a more rustic appeal. You may also add a modern touch by having recessed lights or under cabinet lighting.

For a more dramatic appeal, you can also try having reflected lighting. This is perfect if you want your kitchen area to look cosier as this doesn’t give you full illumination but subtly highlight some key areas and details.

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It is important to note that the lighting design you would choose to have may make or break the overall look of your kitchen area. So it’s best to select the lighting design that suits the materials and layout of the kitchen.


The kitchen area is deemed as the most frequented part of the house or a log cabin for that matter. Choosing the best design and arrangement to have will ultimately become easier if you stick to what you think will help you be more productive whilst providing you with comfort and ease.